This is our quintessential CrossFit Class. These hour long classes will usually have time dedicated to a Warm-Up, Strength and Skill work, and a Met-Con. We create a fun and supportive environment for all our members and you never know what to workout expect when you walk in the door. You will get a chance to develop all 10 Dimensions of Fitness in these WODs and get in the best shape you can be!

ECF | Build

These classes are more focused on strength, skills, and core. They do not typically have any Met-Con training that you would find in the typical ECF | WOD class. They are great for active recovery days and for beginners looking to practice many of the CrossFit movements.


This is a 30-minute in-and-out class that will typically feature bodyweight and lightweight movements that differ from our usual programming, but you may see more traditional CrossFit style components show up from time to time. ECF | EXPRESS is suited well for beginning CrossFitters and CrossFit veterans alike. You can rest assured that you will leave feeling like you got a great full body burn!


R.O.M. stands for Range of Motion, and that is what this 30-minute class will work on specifically. We will spend the time stretching and mobilizing your joints for better health and performance both inside and outside of the gym.
*Keep in mind that these 30-minutes sessions twice a week are to supplement the mobility work you should already be doing. It should not be the only time you work on mobility in a given week (although, it is better than nothing!)

Open Gym

These blocks of time are built in throughout the week when there are no scheduled classes. Open Gym times are typically reserved for ECF members that have done CrossFit for at least 6 months, as they are usually lightly supervised or unsupervised. At Open Gym the floor is yours! You can do whatever kind of workout that you can imagine.