At Ellensburg CrossFit we want our incoming members to feel welcomed and to provide a comfortable atmosphere to begin to learn the basics of CrossFit. In order to achieve this we have implemented our ON-RAMP program for all new members. Our 3-Week ON-RAMP course begins on the first Monday of each month and are capped at 8 people.

How Can I Join Ellensburg CrossFit?

There are THREE ways to join. The first and most common is through the completion of the ON-RAMP program. The second is by testing and demonstrating that you can safely and effectively demonstrate the foundational movements of CrossFit. And, finally, the third option is to set up 4 private training sessions with one of Ellensburg CrossFit’s trainers to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit at a cost of $200+tax.

Why do we do this? 

Fitness is a long term commitment and the ON-RAMP course sets you up to be ready to make that commitment. We want to give you the time and attention to teach you how to move properly and safely. And just as importantly, we will help you learn and understand why we want you to move this way so you can stay active and fit for the long term. In our normal class environment it is hard to teach these things on an individual level.