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Our next ON-RAMP session will start on Monday, October 7th @5:30pm.

At Ellensburg CrossFit we want our incoming members to feel welcomed and to provide a comfortable atmosphere to begin to learn the basics of CrossFit. In order to achieve this we have implemented our ON-RAMP program for all new members. Our 3-Week ON-RAMP course begins on the first Monday of each month and are capped at 8 people.

Do you have to go through ON-RAMP to join Ellensburg CrossFit?

There are THREE ways to join. The first and most common is through the completion of the ON-RAMP program. The second is by testing and demonstrating that you can safely and effectively demonstrate the foundational movements of CrossFit. And, finally, the third option is to set up 4 private training sessions with one of Ellensburg CrossFit’s trainers to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit at a cost of $200+tax.

Why do we do this? 

Fitness is a long term commitment and the ON-RAMP course sets you up to be ready to make that commitment. We want to give you the time and attention to teach you how to move properly and safely. And just as importantly, we will help you learn and understand why we want you to move this way so you can stay active and fit for the long term. In our normal class environment it is hard to teach these things on an individual level.

What will you get out of Ellensburg CrossFit’s ON-RAMP Program?

At the end of the 3-Week (9 Course) session you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to smoothly transition into our regular classes without feeling lost or out of place. You will be able to know where you’re at fitness wise, as well as how to scale workouts to suit your abilities and needs.

What will you learn?

Nutrition Basics (Eating Real, Whole Foods)
Body Weight Movements
Barbell Movements
Kettlebell Movements
How to properly scale movements and workouts


*Includes your 9 ON-RAMP Classes, plus the remainder of the month to join in on our Regular WOD classes


ON-RAMP Courses begin on the FIRST Monday of each month and run for three weeks (9 Classes). We hold classes for those three weeks on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:30pm.

As a new member at Ellensburg CrossFit it is important to be patient with the process of reaching your goals. You must first practice and develop your skills at the basic movements. Proper technique is paramount in being able to succeed, and at ECF we alway emphasize having good movement patterns before increasing your intensity. This will keep you safe and push you toward your goals faster!

To reserve your spot in the next ON-RAMP course please click on the link at the top of the page. Don’t wait as spots can fill up fast!

From all the staff at Ellensburg CrossFit, we look forward to meeting you!