What is Ellensburg CrossFit?

What we do.

There is no substitution for hard work! Our members get results, reach their goals, and see success because we create an environment that makes it easy to work hard.

How we do it.

You won’t see any weight machines, mirrors, ellipticals, or treadmills. What you will find are Kettlebells, Pull Up Bars, Barbells, and plenty of space to run, jump, climb, move, and train the way your body is designed to do!
Our workout program consists of Weightlifting, strength training, bodyweight movements, running, gymnastics, plyometerics, and rowing. We incorporate anything that will improve your fitness, range of motion, and quality of life. All fitness and skill levels are welcome!

At Ellensburg CrossFit we run hour-long workout sessions designed to optimize your level of fitness. Our workouts are constantly varied, utilize functional movements, and are performed at a high intensity. This means that you will never get bored of your workout routine, as we rarely ever to the same workout twice. You never have to program your own workouts because our coaches at ECF create and program the workouts for you daily! All you have to do is show up ready to workout.

Our style of workout programming is aimed at increasing your ability in ALL 10 dimensions of fitness: Strength, Stamina, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Agility, Accuracy, Balance and Coordination.

The ECF Community

Our community at Ellensburg CrossFit is welcoming and diverse. We all have different backgrounds and different circumstances, but together have the common goal of striving to be fit and healthy.  From single mothers, to college students, to lawyers, to grandparents, and everyone in between, you can reach you health and fitness goals with the support of our growing community right here at ECF.