February 3, 2020



3-4 Sets:
Tempo Front Squat, x3 (3322)
Crossover Symmetry, x2 Exercises
Double Under Practice, x:60-sec
TTB Practice (Kipping, Alt TTB, V-Up, Target TTB, etc), x6-12

For Time w/ a Partner:
60 Power Cleans
60 Front Squats
60 Shoulder to OH
*You and your partner can decide on a weight
*1 Bar per team
*Scale any or all movements with KBs


Pre-Oly Progression
Find 1RM Clean
Find 1RM Front Squat

4 Rounds for Time:
4 Power Cleans
4 Front Squats
4 Shoulder to OH


Monday & Wednesday at 6:00pm


a) Tempo Front Squat, 5×3
b) Strict Press, 3×8-10
c) Ring Row, 3×10-15
d) EMOM for 10 Minutes:
1: Row for :50-sec
2: Dips/Push Ups, x10-15
e) Side Plank, 3x:45/side


Monday & Wednesday at 5:30pm